Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Afternoons with First Grade

First Grade come to music class on Friday afternoons. Just imagine the energy in the air!!! So much excitement over weekend plans, sleep-overs, grandparent visits, and such. Sometimes it is difficult to contain all our excitement. Luckily, we have an outlet for our energy right now. We are preparing for our hoe-down, and the first graders will do their first "square" dance.

All join hands, circle left.

Bow to your partner.

Girls all curtsy, boys please bow.

Bow to your corner.

Cicrle to the left.

Sometimes we get a little silly. That's ok. It's Friday afternoon.

We always manage to pull it back together before we leave.
Lining up and ready for the hall.

Going Home! The weekend is just beginning!

OOPS!. These last two pictures were not supposed to be last.
I lost them.

For some reason, bowing and curtsying can be SO funny. (giggle, giggle)
The boys and girls got so tickled over this move.

As you can see, the hoe-down is going to be fun for everyone. Keep October 23 reserved for this special PDS event.